A Personal Note to My Readers

Happy Memorial Day.

As readers who’ve clicked on my profile page may know, I encourage readers to “friend” me on Facebook. Many have done so. And those who have may know that of late my life has been a series of changes and a hive of activity these last several weeks.

The good news is that it’s all good. I got engaged to a wonderful woman, put my home of seven years up for sale, got said home under contract, went house hunting, made an offer on a new home (accepted), closed on both homes, moved, combined households, took a quick vacation to New York City, finished (well, nearly) the largest project of my day-job career, attended my sister’s college graduation, covered two major music festivals (Big Ears and Moogfest, the latter yet to be written about), went to several other shows, conducted several interviews, and kept up my schedule of a new blog entry every business day as the fifth anniversary of the Musoscribe blog approaches next month.

Whew! See what I mean? Busybusybusy. And there’s a lot to come; I have amassed a huge backlog of CDs (reissues, compilations and new releases), music-related DVDs and books, and have several interviews “in the can” but not yet written as features.

So thanks for your patience as I simultaneously work my day job, unpack and feather our new nest, and work through this backlog. I also invite you to peruse some of the more than 1300 pieces already here. I hope you’ll find something you enjoy. Stay tuned!

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