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Hundred-word Reviews for April 2019: Jazz

I’m sent a lot of music for potential review, and for that I’m grateful. Generally, I can winnow through the stack and narrow it down to a manageable pile; put another way, a lot of the stuff I hear is unremarkable (i.e. not worth remarking upon). But sometimes I’m awash in great music that I

Fall Capsule Reviews, Part One

As regular readers know, periodically I engage in a desk-tidying activity whereby I cover a pile of albums – discs deserving of coverage, but ones I haven’t gotten to as quickly as I’d like – in the form of capsule reviews. My arbitrarily self-imposed limit for these is 150 words per album. This week (along

August Jazz Roundup #1

In my occasional series of capsule reviews, I arbitrarily limit myself to a specific word-count; as much as anything else, it’s to keep the editor in me amused. Anyway, today I take a look at four jazz reissues and one archival jazz release, each in the space of 150 words. Chet Baker – Plays the