BOOK EVENT! Thursday 4/14 @ 7pm EDT

Readers of this online mag are unlikely to have escaped the news that I have, indeed, written and published my second book. Disturbing the Peace: 415 Records and the rise of New Wave came out this winter, and I’m currently doing what I can to promote it. It’s a fascinating story, both as a piece of history where alternative/indie record labels and artists are concerned, and as an object lesson as to what can happen when one gets in bed with the Devil, as it were. I interviewed 96 people for the book, and their stories — of the label and the nearly 30 acts who released music on it — form the backbone of Disturbing the Peace. Some great music got made, for sure.

This coming Thursday, Apri 14 2022, I’m doing a virtual book event. Hosted by Malaprop’s Bookstore, the wonderful independent book store here in Asheville NC, it will feature more than just some guy reading from his book. That would be, well, not too exciting. Instead I’ll talk about the back story, the making of the book, the interviews I did and more. And more importantly, I’ll also share video clips of several 415 Records figures, telling their own stories. Tune in and you’ll see and hear from co-founder Howie Klein, all four members of Translator, and John Thomas Griffith from The Red Rockers. It’s going to be fun. I’ll even take questions.

It’s a free event, of course, streamed on YouTube, but advance registration is required. It all happens Thursday at 7pm EDT. Here’s the link to sign up.