Single Review: Sky Parade/Grand Atlantic

I don’t usually review singles (remember those?) but this one warrants attention. Sky Parade is a band fronted by Tommy Dietrick (ex-Brian Jonestown Massacre). The band’s song “I Should Be Coming Up (But I Keep Coming Down)” weds psych-pop with shoegaze and a discofied beat, resulting in a vibe not at all unlike Stone Roses. But the production aesthetic is more intimate, less stadium-oriented. Which is good.

The flip of this 7” is “Used to Be the Sensitive Type” from Grand Atlantic. I’m a sucker for any song with the moxie to use the immortal words “sha-la-la” as a chorus. (Tra-la-la – a la the Banana Splits — works equally well.) Hooks, handclaps, jangly Rickenbacker and a rubbery (almost synthy) bassline effectively renders this little disc a double a-side. Dig.

Available from Ripple Music.

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