Interview Teaser: Ian Anderson

Several months ago I was fortunate to score a phone interview with Jethro Tull‘s legendary leader/founder, Ian Anderson. Our talk came at the tail-end of  long day for the UK-based flautist/vocalist, but he graciously spoke with me for more than an hour. Our wide-ranging conversation covered the creative process, the ups and down of the band over the years, the effects of aging, and even the then-current US presidential race. The incredibly articulate and engaging Anderson was endlessly quotable; the problem was, at the conclusion, I had an hour-long recording, almost all of which was worth sharing verbatim.Ian Anderson, Nov 2007. Photo (c) Bill Kopp

But I type something like 18 words per minute, with 12 mistakes.

Enter my good friend David Molnar. Yet another former bandmate (Dave was the best and last in a long line of bassists in my retro-psych garage project The Echoes of Tyme), he’s also a terrifyingly good transcriptionist. He’s agreed to type up a record of the proceedings for me (and for you). Watch this space for details.