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The Yuka & Chronoship Interview, Part Three

Continued from Part Two… Not lost in translation Both Funakoshi and Taguchi understand a bit of English, as evidenced when they would begin laughing or responding even before the interview questions were translated. But with the exception of the occasional guest vocal — like Curved Air’s Sonja Kristina’s lead on the Ship track “Tears of

The Yuka & Chronoship Interview, Part Two

Continued from Part One… The keyboardist’s gear While Funakoshi’s compositions lent themselves to a progressive context, it was a different story when it came to her her playing style. Prior to forming Yuka & Chronoship, the keyboardist had played acoustic piano; she had never laid hands on an electronic instrument, much less a synthesizer. “The

The Yuka & Chronoship Interview, Part One

Yuka Funakoshi’s musical journey has followed a circuitous path. The Japanese keyboardist, songwriter and vocalist was classically trained, but became an established presence in her home country’s J-pop scene. A decade-plus later, Funakoshi has released Ship, the fourth album credited to Yuka & Chronoship, a progressive quartet that — at first blush, anyway — seems

Best Music of 2016: New Releases

I’ve said it before, and in 2016 it’s true as ever: those people who complain that there’s no good music any more simply aren’t looking hard enough, or in the right places. I had no trouble coming up with a Top Ten Eleven list of new albums for 2016. I easily could have added many

Album Review: Yuka & Chronoship — The 3rd Planetary Chronicles

Progressive rock has a widespread (and, it must be said, often well-earned) reputation for being ponderous, pompous, overblown, and more about showy technical and instrumental brilliance than emotional content. Not to paint with too broad a brush, but that reputation might explain why the overwhelming majority of prog rock audiences are male (just attend most