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Take Five: 5 Todd Rundgren Production Credits You Should Know

Todd Rundgren is one of music’s renaissance men. He’s a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist with more than 20 studio albums to his name; that doesn’t even count the three albums […]

Interview Roundup: Todd Rundgren

Todd Rundgren and I go way back, even if he doesn’t know it. I grew up with his music, though I missed my first opportunity to see him live. Utopia […]

Don’t Forget All About It: Todd Rundgren’s Early Days in Nazz (Part 3 of 3)

Continued from Part Two… Stewkey was nominally the group’s lead vocalist, but Todd Rundgren – the band’s songwriter – was a singer as well. And Rundgren explains that he had […]

Don’t Forget All About It: Todd Rundgren’s Early Days in Nazz (Part 2 of 3)

Continued from Part One… With the prevailing Anglophile mindset of the four members of Nazz, however, there was a belief that the producer’s role extended to the sound of the […]

Don’t Forget All About It: Todd Rundgren’s Early Days in Nazz (Part 1 of 3)

For many decades now, Todd Rundgren has enjoyed a well-deserved reputation as one of popular music’s most restless and versatile artists. His large body of work spans multiple genres: rock, […]

Album Review: Joe Jackson & Todd Rundgren featuring Ethel — State Theater New Jersey 2005

It was more than sixteen years ago that two of popular music’s most iconoclastic artists decided to work together (sort of). Todd Rundgren and Joe Jackson teamed up for a […]

Album Review: Various Artists — Still Wish You Were Here

My standard disclaimer where tribute albums are concerned is that the concept if dodgy on its face, and that it rarely succeeds. But for every rule here is an exception, […]

Album Reviews: Two featuring Fernando Perdomo

In this post-major-label era when many of the so-called barriers to entry have been swept away, the fact that a recording artist is prolific doesn’t provide a reliable indicator as […]

With Live Concerts on Hold, Todd Rundgren Employs Technology as Something to Fall Back On

This concert review appeared previously in PROG Magazine. Sidelined by the pandemic, multigenre hero Todd Rundgren did what he often does: he looked to technology to provide human connection. And […]

Todd Rundgren’s 1989 album ‘Nearly Human’ gets a Covid-era 2nd Wind

Even in the face of widespread venue closures, Todd Rundgren has found a way to bring live music to his fans. His run of shows had one of its final […]