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The Dave Davies Interview, Part 2

Continued from Part One … Bill Kopp: Did you ever feel held back or boxed in by of people’s expectations of “Oh, The Kinks should sound like this” or “they should sound like that”? Dave Davies: I think we were lucky because nobody could pigeonhole The Kinks, especially in the ’80s when there were a

The Dave Davies Interview, Part 1

One might call guitarist Dave Davies an under-appreciated legend. Sometimes credited with the earliest use of guitar feedback on record – though many other including Link Wray lay claim to that innovation – as lead guitarist, harmony vocalist and occasional songwriter for the Kinks, Davies was a key part of the impressive body of work

An American in London: The Shel Talmy Interview, Part One

In the history of rock and pop, it’s rare that a producer becomes a “rock star.” Certain names have become prominent fixtures in the audio part of pop culture: Phil Spector and George Martin are among the most well-known producers of the 1960s. In later years, Quincy Jones, Jeff Lynne, Brian Eno and Rick Rubin