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Preview: IPO Liverpool

Bit of a personal note today. I have the extreme pleasure and honor of being the keyboardist in the Steve Stoeckel Band. Stoeckel, of course, is the bassist (and one […]

Album Review: Steve Stoeckel — The Power of And

Reviewing music is very much a subjective endeavor. Even when a critic seeks to provide useful cues and references to help readers form their own opinions about the music, it’s […]

Album Review: Pop Co-Op – Suspension

Notwithstanding the admittedly impressive technological advances that have made remote collaboration possible, a strong and persuasive case can be made asserting the superiority of music recordings made when all participants […]

Album Review: Pop Co-op — Factory Settings

It was more than a decade ago when the Spongetones released what would turn out to be their final album, Scrambled Eggs. The group went out (recording-wise) on a high […]

Quick Takes, Part Two

More quick-take reviews … Pop Co-op – Four State Solution Making an album via file sharing – instead of the old-fashioned method of gathering in a studio – is now […]