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The Mercurial Stephanie Morgan

Stephanie Morgan is known as the voice and face of Stephaniesǐd. For some fifteen years, Morgan and her band played locally, toured, and released a series of albums. When the band folded in 2016, it wasn’t immediately clear what Morgan’s next musical move would be. But after quietly re-emerging in mid-2017 with a solo album,

Album Review: Stephanie Morgan — Chrysalism

Stephaniesid, the former group of prodigiously talented singer Stephanie Morgan, had a kind of arty pop sound with the added interest of a strong jazz sensibility. Since the end of that project, Morgan has ventured out on her own, and, while Chrysalism should please longtime fans of her old band, it represents a decisive break from

North Carolina Musicians Standing Against HB2

Taking full advantage of their first majority in North Carolina government in decades, the state Republican party has pushed through their conservative legislative agenda. Among the most high-profile – and contentious – of their initiatives has been the passage of House Bill #2, officially known as the Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act, widely known