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Flat Sun Society: We Call it ‘Thresh’

Calling both Santa Cruz and Big Sur home, Flat Sun Society makes psychedelic music inspired by the jam band scene, but incorporates other musical elements. “Something that we’re always working […]

Santa Cruda: Holy Hangover!

Most bands found themselves taking a hiatus when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. With venues closing, opportunities for bands to play in front of audiences vanished virtually overnight. But some musicians […]

Floratura: Ready to Say Something

Tatiana Peña and Adrian “Treetop” Marquez initially teamed up as a musical duo in the late 2010s. “We started our musical journey together through protest,” says Peña. “We traveled the […]

The New Horizons: Music of Many Colors

2017 was a busy year for Jimmy Palafox. Not only did he graduate from high school; he launched two new bands: Santa Cruz Latin Collective and The New Horizons. “I […]

Santa Cruz Latin Collective: Keeping the Music Alive

While the Santa Cruz Latin Collective came together in 2017, its roots extend back to the early 1970s. The Bay Area has a proud history of Latin and Afro-Cuban music, […]

Santa Cruz’s Kaleidoscope Music Festival

California has a long tradition of music festivals. From Monterey Pop to Coachella, festivalgoers have had many opportunities to enjoy the best that popular music has to offer, all in […]