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A Really Big Shoes Interview, Part 1

Shoes are that curious breed: a powerpop band that’s consistently lauded critically, but that makes only occasional modest commercial inroads. They’ve been plying their trade – catchy, muscular, hook-filled rock with stellar vocal harmonies – since the mid-1970s. The band seemed poised for breakout fame – possibly as the Next Big Thing after The Cars

The Real Gone Interview, Part 2: Gordon Anderson

Continued from Part One… Sometimes, even when everything else lines up in a reissue’s favor, potential costs (licensing, etc.) put the project out of reach. “That does occur,” admits Real Gone Music’s Gordon Anderson, “but less than it used to. Because the labels are adjusting their expectations to the conditions of the marketplace.” But he

The Real Gone Interview, Part 1: Gordon Anderson

For many years, Collectors Choice Music was the go-to source for music fans wanting CD reissues of music from the past. Be it something straightforward, music that enjoyed mega-success on original release – like, say, the 3CD set of Paul Revere and the Raiders single a- and b-sides – or something esoteric and obscure (a