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A Chat with Peggy Ratusz

For some time now, vocalist Peggy Ratusz has been one of the busiest musicians in Western North Carolina. She’s as comfortable belting the blues as she is singing sultry soul or crooning standards. In addition to her Bygone Blues Duo with Aaron Price, she performs often with Paula Hanke in a presentation called “Love is

Peggy Ratusz and Paula Hanke: Celebrating Women Who Make Music History

Note: See the update at the end of the story. — bk Peggy Ratusz and Paula Hanke are among the most well-known musical performers in Asheville; both have played on most every stage in town, singing everything from blues to country to pop to jazz, and most everything in between. Friends since 2007, they’ve collaborated

The Challenge of the Blues

Vocalist Peggy Ratusz has long been one of Asheville’s leading blues personalities, carrying a torch for the century-old musical form. Her latest musical endeavor (with the help of musical collaborator Aaron Price) involves the upcoming 32nd annual International Blues Challenge, held in Memphis, Tenn. Monday, Jan. 26 to Saturday, Jan. 30. In the run-up to