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Preview: Music to Your Ears — The Kinks’ ‘Arthur’

Legendary British rock band The Kinks are revered for their early classics: proto-garage rockers like “All Day and all of the Night” and “You Really Got Me.” Their hits continued […]

Preview: Music to Your Ears, April 3 – ABBEY ROAD

The Beatles’ swan song, 1969’s Abbey Road is a landmark album. Its legacy and influence have endured in the nearly 55 years since its release. The next installment in the […]

Preview: Music to Your Ears — Joni Mitchell’s ‘Court and Spark’

At the time of its release in early 1974, Joni Mitchell’s Court and Spark was merely the latest in remarkable string of superb albums from Joni Mitchell. With the benefit […]

Preview: Music to Your Ears – Led Zeppelin’s Houses of the Holy

In the early to mid 1970s, Led Zeppelin reigned supreme in the world of rock. Rising from the ashes of seminal ‘60s band the Yardbirds, Led Zeppelin drew upon classic […]

Preview: Music to Your Ears – Tom Petty’s Greatest Hits

Tom Petty was a giant of American music. Petty released more than a dozen studio albums with his band, three solo albums, two records as a member of supergroup Traveling […]

Music to Your Ears: John Lennon’s ‘Rock and Roll’

In 1972 John Lennon teamed up with notorious producer Phil Spector to record a collection of rock’n’roll oldies. Those sessions took place in L.A. during a period the ex-Beatle would […]

Music to Your Ears: Jim Fielder

You might not know Jim Fielder’s name, but it’s very likely you’ve heard him play. A key fixture of popular music beginning in the late 1960s, he lent his expert, […]

Music to Your Ears: Pink Floyd’s ‘Obscured by Clouds’

NOTE: This is a live, in-person event and it won’t be live streamed, so it’s primarily of interest to those in or near Asheville NC.) New monthly discussion series takes […]