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Preview: Music Movie Monday — The Last Waltz

The Canadian-American group known as The Band were among the most important acts of their time. Getting their big break as the backing group for Bob Dylan, The Band would […]

Preview: Music Movie Monday – The Stones and Brian Jones

The story of Rolling Stones founder and guitarist Brian Jones is explored in a new documentary, made with the close cooperation of Stones bassist Bill Wyman. A special November 13 […]

Preview: Squaring the Circle (The Story of Hipgnosis)

A lively new film explores the history, cultural impact and enduring appeal of one of the great art and design groups. Squaring the Circle (The Story of Hipgnosis) is a […]

Preview: The Monkees in HEAD

Debuting in September 1966, the ABC-TV series The Monkees was an immediate hit. The four lovable moptops were created as an answer to The Beatles as they were portrayed in […]

Preview: Music Movie Mondays – ‘Monterey Pop’

The Woodstock Music and Art Fair of August 1969 is often recalled as the beginning of the festival era, the spark that lit the fire. There’s some truth to that, […]