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Min Xiao-Fen: Music, Movies and More

When Min Xiao-Fen and her husband left New York City and resettled in Western North Carolina in 2020, they may have been expecting a slower pace of life. But that’s […]

Avant Garde in WNC: Min Xiao-Fen

Min Xiao-Fen relocated to Asheville from New York City in 2020. By that point she was already an in-demand, world-class musician. Min’s primary instrument is the pipa, an ancient lute-like […]

Screen Classic ‘The Goddess’ Gets a Min Xiao-Fen Score

In 1934, writer-director Wu Yonggang’s silent film Shénnǚ (The Goddess) was released in China. Critically praised and popular among audiences, it was and remains an exemplar of China’s cinematic golden […]

30 Days Out, June 2021 #2: Supatight, Min Xiao-Fen, Love Bubble, Dots

Welcome back to the world, friends. I have some exciting musical news to share. I’m happy to say that the four shows spotlighted below are merely a slice of your […]