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King Crimson’s Brutal Finesse, Part Two

Continued from Part One… Songs like “Indiscipline” have undergone nearly total reinvention: where in the ‘80s, Adrian Belew delivered the song’s odd, inscrutable lyrics in spoken-word fashion, these days Jakko Jakszyk sings them, applying a heretofore undiscovered melodic quality to the song. Yet the whiplash percussion dialogue (trialogue?) among Mastelotto, Stacey and Harrison keeps the

King Crimson’s Brutal Finesse, Part One

Some bands make a career out of writing and recording the same album over and over. Close your eyes and there’s little difference between the albums made by classic rockers Boston in the ‘70s and the ones they put out decades later. For all their appeal, there’s not a world of difference between Oasis’ 1994