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Reviews: Five New Power Pop (or Power Pop-adjacent) Titles

Emperor Penguin – Gentlemen Thieves The hardest-rocking of these five new releases, Gentlemen Thieves folds in glam and other rock styles to create a memorable set of songs. A strong […]

Album Review: Various Artists — Redrawn: A Tribute to The Pencils

Have you ever heard of The Pencils? Me neither. But as it happens, this band from Hertfordshire, England made some exuberant powerpop in the very early 1980s. For their trouble […]

Album Review: The Mosquitos – This Then are the Mosquitos!

Hey hey, remember the Monkees revival of the ‘80s? MTV rebroadcast the classic ‘60s musical comedy series, and included bumper segments featuring the band (well, Micky, Peter and Davy, anyway). […]

Album Review: The Boys With the Perpetual Nervousness — Songs From Another Life

Something about this outfits name immediately brings to mind the gentle approach of bands like Belle and Sebastian. And as it turns out, that snap judgment isn’t too wide of […]

Hundred-word Reviews for November 2020, Part Two

Here’s five more quick reviews. Powerpop, ambient, jazz and more. Nick Frater – Fast & Loose The title might lead the uninitiated to suspect that Nick Frater’s album is something […]

Album Review: Coke Belda — 4

If Peter Noone was American, his singing voice might be all but indistinguishable from that of Coke Belda. And the music that Herman’s Hermits made isn’t miles away from the […]

Album Review: Diamond Hands — III

Fans of hooks and high-energy, melodic rock should stop whatever they’re doing and make immediate purchase of this LP. Diamond Hands’ III is influenced by mid-period Beatles, but it also […]

Album Review: Råttanson — I’d Much Rather Be With the Noise

Nervy, high-octane powerpop is the chosen style for Råttanson, a one-man project from just outside Stockholm. If you’ve discovered the remarkably consistent output from Swedish bands working in the powerpop […]

Album Review: Strand — Can’t Trust the Rain

Some of the most enduring rock has come out of Ireland. The Emerald Isle has given us Van Morrison, The Undertones, Thin Lizzy’s Phil Lynott, and even U2 (if you’re […]

Fifty-word Reviews for July 2018, Part 1

For years now, I’ve engaged in an occasional series of reviews in which I limit myself to 100 words. The point isn’t at all to give short shrift to these […]