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Interview Roundup: John McLaughlin

There have been few musicians as boundary-pushing and inspiring as John McLaughlin. Form his work with Miles Davis to his pioneering fusion ensemble Mahavishnu Orchestra, from his world music explorations […]

Album Review: John McLaughlin — Liberation Time

A deeply spiritual artist, John McLaughlin makes music that moves the mind, body and spirit. There’s certainly plenty of technical precision in his music, but with in it beats a […]

Hundred-word Reviews, December 2018

This will almost certainly be my last roundup of new releases – capsule review style – for 2018. Lots of great music came out this year; don’t let anyone tell […]

Bonus: A Quick Q&A with John McLaughlin

Virtuoso guitarist John McLaughlin is embarking on a farewell-to-the-USA tour, joined by Widespread Panic guitarist Jimmy Herring. Ahead of the tour, McLaughlin took the time to answer a few questions. […]

The John McLaughlin Farewell Interview, Part Two

Continued from Part One… Because McLaughlin is such a painstaking composer and player, it stands to reason that he would look back on recordings he made decades ago and find […]

The John McLaughlin Farewell Interview, Part One

John McLaughlin is easily one of the most influential musicians ever to take up the guitar. His boundary-pushing, holistic approach to the instrument has earned him countless accolades. He has […]

Miss Adventure

Note: For this, my 1500th blog entry, I’m taking a look back in time. The events described herein took place more than a year and a half ago, so please […]

You Can Be Who You Are: The John McLaughlin Interview, Part 4

Continued from Part Three… Bill Kopp: Speaking of playing onstage, how do the live pieces differ from the studio versions? Do you open them up for improvisation, or are they […]

You Can Be Who You Are: The John McLaughlin Interview, Part 3

Continued from Part Two… Bill Kopp: This is an obvious thing to say, but since instrumental music has to convey its messages without the benefit of lyrics, it has to […]

You Can Be Who You Are: The John McLaughlin Interview, Part 2

Continued from Part One… Bill Kopp: A Tribute to Jack Johnson is among the most underrated of all Miles’ works, I think. John McLaughlin: A lot of people don’t underrate […]