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Album Mini-review: Joe Satriani — Shockwave Supernova

File next to: Buckethead, Steve Vai, John Petrucci A big part of what has always made the music of Joe Satriani stand out among contemporaries is the guitarist’s inerrant sense of melody. While other shredders rely on technique and speed, Satriani employs those qualities in service of rock-solid songwriting. And though he can actually sing

Directed Energy: The Joe Satriani Interview, Part Two

Continued from Part One… Bill Kopp: You’ve used keyboards before, of course, but the new album (and the last couple) features Mike Keneally, as opposed to on some of the earlier albums where you sometimes overdubbed keys yourself. Does having Mike on board allow you to expand what the keyboard is able to do in

Directed Energy: The Joe Satriani Interview, Part One

Joe Satriani is that unique guitarist who is both revered by the crowd that digs technically amazing musicians, yet possesses a great deal of mainstream appeal. That success is a function of the fact that he writes accessible, catchy and memorable melodies, as opposed to merely crafting vehicles upon which to lay a bunch of

Joe Satriani: Pushing the Limits of the Human Experience

On his new disc, Super Colossal, the originator of the Pitch Axis Theory continues his tradition of combining mind-melting feats of guitar pyrotechnics with memorable riffs and ear-candy melodies. Yet Joe Satriani always tries to go somewhere new. “On this record, once I had the title track, it gave me — in my own mind