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Album Review: The Handcuffs — Burn the Rails

If pressed to name a band that embodied a glam sensibility with the deep and abiding understanding of the rock ‘n’ roll aesthetic, one might come up with Mott the Hoople. At its best, that British group fronted by Ian Hunter created some lasting music. But – save for an aborted reunion tour a few

The Handcuffs: A Tale of the Tape (Part 2)

Continued from Part One… “For me,” The Handcuffs guitarist/vocalist Chloe F. Orwell adds, “when we’re in the studio for four twelve-hour days, I think to myself, ‘There is nowhere in the world I’d rather be than creating in the studio.’” But then The Handcuffs play a couple of shows in front of enthusiastic audiences, and

The Handcuffs: A Tale of the Tape (Part 1)

Midwestern rockers The Handcuffs are fronted by songwriters Chloe F. Orwell (guitar/vocals) and Brad Elvis (drums); they first came to my attention via their 2011 album. In my capsule review of Waiting for the Robot, I described their music as “not so much powerpop as plain ol’ (if very good) rock.” And that description suits