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Jerry Garcia at 80

It’s remarkable to realize that at the time of his death on August 9, 1995, Jerry Garcia was only a few days past his 53rd birthday. The body of work to which he contributed, along with his importance in popular music history, suggests a life easily twice as long. Had he lived, Garcia would have

Book Review: So Many Roads, The Life and Times of The Grateful Dead

I’m on record as being very critical of The Grateful Dead. Despite what some of the hardest of hardcore Dead Heads might think, I don’t hate the Dead; not at all. I own and enjoy quite a few of their studio albums, and even like a couple of the live ones, most notably, Europe ’72

Album Review: Grateful Dead — Dick’s Pick’s Volume 24

Say what you will about The Grateful Dead – heaven knows I’ve been harshly critical of them, and stand by every one of my written remarks – even at their worst, they possesses an undeniable charm. And no matter what era of the band one focuses upon, there’s always something there to recommend. But then

Album Review: Grateful Dead – Dick’s Picks #31

I had a minor epiphany recently. After years of slagging The Grateful Dead and their fans, I found a live album that led me to say to myself, “Aha…so this is what they find so special about the Dead.” As I’ve mentioned more than a few times, I like the Grateful Dead’s studio work (I

Album Review: Grateful Dead – History Vol. 1 (Bear’s Choice)

With a title like History of the Grateful Dead, Vol. 1 (Bear’s Choice), newcomers could be forgiven for thinking that this album is a wide-ranging compilation of Grateful Dead tracks. But in fact it’s a document of parts of live Fillmore East performances from February 1970. Flawlessly recorded, the set kicks off with a Ron

Album Review: Grateful Dead – Dick’s Picks #35

I’m sometimes accused of hating the Grateful Dead. That’s an unfair accusation, though I understand why people level it toward me. I am fond of pointing out that a 1989 Dead concert ranks among my most unpleasant concert experiences ever, and my general disdain for noodlesome jam bands (and their insufferable concert-going fans) is no

Album Review: Grateful Dead – Road Trips Vol. 4, No. 2: April Fools

Some context is necessary before diving into this one. In 1989 my dear sister purchased a pair of concert tickets for me and my then-new wife. The tickets were to a show by the Grateful Dead. Having never seen the band in concert before, I was quite excited at the prospect of attending what I