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Fifty-word Reviews for July 2018, Part 2

Here’s ten more quick reviews of new music worth your time. Beth McKee — Dreamwood Acres This lovely clutch of original songs features the sultry, soulful vocals of McKee, and the rich instrumentation is built around McKee’s classic electric piano (Wurlitzer, Rhodes), which she plays in a straightforward, non-fussy manner. Imagine Bonnie Raitt playing keys

Gin Blossoms: ‘New Miserable Experience’ at 25, Part Two

Continued from Part One… With a title that wryly referenced the two-part reaction the band was getting from fans, Congratulations … I’m Sorry would reach #10 on Billboard‘s album charts, and featured three hit singles. But a little over a year after the album’s release, the band broke up. The official reason given was that

Gin Blossoms: ‘New Miserable Experience’ at 25, Part One

Guitarist Scott Johnson almost missed out on a career path that saw him taking over for the lead guitarist in a band right as it broke through. Had he not taken some advice from an older musician, Johnson might not have even been playing rock ‘n’ roll. And he wouldn’t have joined Gin Blossoms as