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The Magma Mega-interview, Part Four

Continued from Part Three… Who developed the Magma logo? I made a drawing of the kind of necklace I wanted to have around my neck, and from that I worked with Laurent Thibault’s sister, who was a graphic designer. It changed from the original design. We worked together and we came to that logo, and

The Magma Mega-interview, Part Three

Continued from Part Two… Do you think of live performance as an extension of that which you create in the studio, or is studio work an attempt to capture the essence of live performance? Well, this could be both ways because usually Magma always plays on stage before recording. Almost all Magma albums were recorded

The Magma Mega-interview, Part Two

Continued from Part One… What do you seek to communicate in the Kobaïan lyrics of Magma’s music? The main purpose of the lyrics is to allow the music to be as expressive as possible. I’m always giving the example of John Coltrane who was playing an instrument; any people who are playing an instrument are

The Magma Mega-interview, Part One

There is almost no useful frame of reference to describe the music of Magma. Founded in 1969 by French pianist/drummer Christian Vander, Magma has never conformed to conventional ideas about genre, or much else for that matter. A constantly rotating lineup of musicians has passed through Magma’s ranks; the band has released more than a