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Album Review: Chris Church — Darling Please

The Posies came out of the Pacific Northwest with a sound that had little to do with grunge; the duo (later a full band) combined power pop sensibility with a shoegaze aesthetic, seamlessly welding sterling melodies and heart-rending vocals/lyrics to emotionally charged, powerful and soaring rock. Why, one may well ask, am I introducing a

Album Review: Chris Church – Game Dirt

Chris Church is that rare musical auteur who succeeds at most everything to which he applies his talents. And his body of work resolutely resists pigeonholing; he’s done everything from metal to prog to powerpop to .. well, you get the idea. And carrying forth the proud tradition forged by Paul McCartney, Stevie Wonder, Emitt

Hundred-word Reviews for November 2020, Part Three

And here’s the last of this current run of hundred-word reviews covering new releases. Soul, powerpop and blues; something for most tastes. All worth your time. Sonny Green – Found! One Soul Singer Don’t let the cheesy, lurid, chartreuse album art dissuade you from the contents: this is the real deal. Sonny Green is one