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John Lennon: Five Sessions Outside the Beatles

More of my “Take Five”… John Lennon is rarely thought of as a session musician; nearly all of his work was within the context of The Beatles, with wife Yoko […]

Gonna Raise Hell: Cheap Trick’s ‘Dream Police’ at 40

Though they had released three excellent albums to date, in 1978 Cheap Trick was still laboring in relative obscurity. The Rockford, Illinois band’s releases – 1977’s self-titled debut, In Color […]

Still on Top of the World: Cheap Trick’s Tom Petersson (Part 2)

Continued from Part One… Petersson recalls the early days when the band was playing clubs. “People would come up to us and go, ‘God, I love your band, but you […]

Still on Top of the World: Cheap Trick’s Tom Petersson (Part 1)

Time certainly does fly. It was 40 years ago last February that Cheap Trick released its self-titled debut album. While the Rockford, Illinois foursome’s sound – standing on the edge […]

Album Mini-review: Bun E. Carlos — Greetings from Bunezuela!

File next to: Guided by Voices, Cheap Trick, Paul Revere and the Raiders In the wake of a confusing and bitter divorce from his band of many decades, former Cheap […]

Album Mini-review: Cheap Trick — Bang, Zoom, Crazy…Hello

File next to: The Move, Boston, Fountains of Wayne With Bang, Zoom, Crazy… Hello, the Rockford, Illinois, foursome Cheap Trick sticks to what they know: anthemic, melodic rock. The key […]

Hundred-word Reviews January 2016: Archival Live Albums

It’s time once again to take a stab at clearing out the massive backlog of worthy CDs clogging my inbox. Today, it’s quick reviews of five archival live albums, all […]