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Preview: Music to Your Ears, April 3 – ABBEY ROAD

The Beatles’ swan song, 1969’s Abbey Road is a landmark album. Its legacy and influence have endured in the nearly 55 years since its release. The next installment in the […]

30 Days Out, August 2023 #1: Circles Around the Sun, Hearts Gone South, Matisyahu, BJ & BJ

Two local-based legends, one other excellent WNC-based artist, and two very popular touring acts: Those are just some of the highlights of live music in and around Asheville in the […]

Album Review: BJ Leiderman — BJ

You know that Morning Edition theme on National Public Radio? BJ Leiderman wrote that, and a lot more for NPR besides. Understandably wanting to trade on those achievements, the 61-year […]