It Can’t Get Better Than This

The only thing better that spending an evening interviewing Dennis Diken of The Smithereens — discussing his new album Late Music (in stores tomorrow! review here) would be to interview him and then see the Smithereens in concert. No, there’s something better than that: interviewing Dennis Diken and then seeing two Smithereens shows — one

So Much for Rockstock 09

I only heard about the Rockstock 09 “festival” a few weeks ago. I was quite excited to discover that the Smithereens would be performing. I’ve always loved their powerpop-meets-heaviness approach, and sort of projected a they’re-kindred-spirits persona onto the band, believing that the quartet was made up of True Fans Of Rock like myself. Turns

Album Review: Dennis Diken with Bell Sound – Late Music

Good music is always more than the sum of its parts. Let’s say you’re interested in making a pop record. And by pop, here I mean pop in its classic sixties sense (hell, I mean most things in their classic sixties sense, but stay with me here). Let’s say, too, that you have enough cred

Review Teaser: Dennis Diken with Bell Sound

Smashing! I just went to the mailbox and found my advance copy of the new album by Dennis Diken with Bell Sound. Diken is — among other cool things — drummer for the Smithereens, but this is his first up-front outing without that group. Featuring heavy friends familiar to powerpop fans (Jason Falkner; Probyn Gregory

Album Review: Jackson United – Harmony and Dissidence

Jackson United is a spinoff project for Chris Shiflett, guitarist for Foo Fighters. In short, if you like Foo Fighters, you will like this. In fact, if you like the Smithereens, if you love the Clash…you’ll like this. Jackson United’s Harmony and Dissidence is rock of the no-nonsense variety: big guitars, big drums (courtesy of

Product Review: Plus Deck Cassette Converter

What a cool concept: now you can take all of your old cassettes and dub them in-line to CD, using your PC. Those tapes — full of great mixes, a musical snapshot of where you were at a given point in time — can now come off the shelf, get dusted off, and can find