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Album Review: Johnny Lytle — The Soulful Rebel / People & Love

Growing up, I heard a lot of music in my home. My parents were in those days big music fans, even though neither could carry a tune. They knew what they liked: show tunes, light classics, a bit of Sinatra. But they knew what they didn’t like, too: British accents (that copy of Meet the

Hundred Word Reviews: Vinyl Roundup for May 2013

Here’s another installment in my occasional series of capsule reviews; this time ’round I’m focusing on vinyl releases. My self-imposed limit for this particular exercise is 100 words on each album. Hoff Ensemble – Quiet Winter Night It’s subtitled “An acoustic jazz project,” so don’t look for any Fender Rhodes or vibraphone. In fact, to

Album Review: Various Artists — The Birth of Soul Jazz

Early on into my jazz odyssey* of discovery, I found that although I very much enjoyed bop, swing, free and fusion, the style of jazz that resonated most for me was soul jazz. In my unschooled manner, I tried to articulate what exactly it was about soul jazz that made it work for me in

Album Review: Oscar Pettiford — Baden-Baden 1958/1959

Not for the first time, Music Hound: Jazz has let me down. Jazz novitiate that I am, I was unfamiliar with the name Oscar Pettiford. So to that weighty tome I went, in hopes of gathering a bit of background to assist in my understanding of another in Jazzhaus‘ Lost Tapes series, Baden-Baden 1958/1959. Seeing

EP Review: Tin Cup Serenade — Tragic Songs of Hope

As I’ve chronicled elsewhere, my awakening to the charms of jazz is a relatively recent phenomenon. And as I wade into the deep waters of that genre, I find that certain sub-styles move me more than others. Hard bop, swing, big-band, soul-jazz and some of the more out-there fusion: those are the styles that speak

Album Review: Jeremy Steig — Wayfaring Stranger

In the very late 1970s – or perhaps it was the very early 80s; after so many years, I’m not entirely sure – I picked up a used copy of Lillian Roxon’s Rock Encyclopedia. I was (and remain) a voracious consumer of that kind of thing; not long after I became a rock fan, I

Concert Review: Moon Hooch, The Orange Peel, Asheville NC April 12 2013

I read a description of these guys that likened their music to house (EDM). And though I can’t find the citation, I’m pretty sure somebody else labeled Moon Hooch as a dubstep act. Now, I pride myself on having pretty wide and eclectic tastes, but mention EDM or dubstep and I reach for my (metaphorical)

Album Review: E.Normus Trio – Love and Barbiturates

This music reviewing gig of mine is funny, sometimes. Not long ago I received via email a press release from a New York-based music publicist. The message covered a number of recent releases, most of which fell into a jazz and/or avant-garde category. I read through and was especially intrigued by one of the artists

Album Review: Jim Ruiz Set – Mount Curve Avenue

Mystery Lawn Music has become associated with a particular kind of music; in broadest terms, it’s highly tuneful, melodic sunshine-y pop. (Look for a feature/interview featuring Allen Clapp, of the label’s flagship group The Orange Peels, coming soon.) But from their earliest days, they’ve cast a wider net than that, bringing in artists outside the

Album Review: Barbara & Ernie – Prelude To…

I truly admire the people at Real Gone Music. They continue to unearth music from ages ago that is in some cases long-cherished. In other cases it’s long-forgotten but worthwhile. And in yet other cases, the music never got much of a hearing to begin with; you can’t forget what you never knew. And it’s