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Bootleg Bin: Jason Falkner – “Can You Still Feel?” Demos

Note: Next week I’ll publish my extensive three-part interview with Jason Falkner. The multi-instrumentalist is a former member of the Three O’Clock, Jellyfish and the Grays, and has recorded with artists including Air, Dennis Diken, Beck, Charlotte Gainsbourg and many others. As a teaser/preview of that piece, here’s a review of a bootleg um, unauthorized

Bootleg Bin: Dave Gregory – Remoulds

Journeyman guitarist Dave Gregory joined XTC in time to appear on their 1979 effort, Drums and Wires, and he remained with the group far beyond the end of their touring era, leaving in 1999. A master of many styles, an excellent arranger and a fine vocalist, the one thing Gregory doesn’t do (with any regularity,

Bootleg Bin: Yes – YesSessions

Here’s one for the prog fans. Yes was among the best groups to hybridize progressive and popular styles. With Jon Anderson‘s pliant upper-register vocal juxtaposed against Chris Squire‘s assertive bass playing, the group made complex music for the masses. The group boasted classically-influenced guitar from Steve Howe (or Peter Banks on the early tracks), inventive

Bootleg Bin: Television – Town and Country, London 11/19/92

Few expected it when in 1991, one of rock’s most legendary and influential bands suddenly (and briefly) reappeared on the scene. Television had released two landmark albums in the 1970s, both revolutionary in bridging the chasm between 70s guitar-god rock and the minimalist aesthetic of punk/new wave. With a style best described as the audio

Bootleg Bin: Festival Actuel

In October 1969 — two and a half months after Woodstock — the rock festival was at its peak. Eclectic festivals were the norm. So it was then that the French indie/jazz music mag Actuel planned to sponsor a five-day show in Paris. Oddly, they chose Frank Zappa to serve as emcee. Speaking no French,

Bootleg Bin: Spirit – Texas International Pop Festival, Vol. 7

Happy 62nd birthday to bassist Mark Andes. He was a founding member of Spirit, and later a member of Firefall and Heart. Here’s a review of a legendary performance of which he was an important part. People just didn’t know what do with Spirit. Their jazz aspirations made them less accessible that they would have

Bootleg Bin: The Remains – Garorock Festival 2006

I’m putting the finishing touches on a feature/interview with Barry Tashian of the Remains. That feature will run in London-based Shindig! magazine sometime in 2010. As a bit of a teaser, here’s one from the archives: a review of an unreleased audience recording of a Remains reunion show. Enjoy, and Happy New Year. When music

Turn Me On, Dead Man.

In honor of 09.09.09, the unofficial reboot of The Greatest Band The World Has Ever Known, here are NINE (of course) links to some Beatles-related features on this blog and its sister site  A 2007 interview with Marshall Crenshaw in which MC reminisces about his days as a cast member of the Beatlemania show.