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Bootleg Bin: Love – 10-24-93 North Hampton MA

Having paid his debt to society, convicted felon Arthur Lee surprised all interested parties by returning to the music scene in the 90s more musically focused than he’d ever been. Having led the critical darlings Love in mid 60s Los Angeles, Lee had established a mystique around the band. Their music ran the gamut from

Bootleg Bin: New Cars — Road Rage Tour, June 6 2006 – Wolf Trap, Vienna VA

By 2006, everything seemed to get recorded. From every single date of David Gilmour‘s solo tour, to a Peter Tork set with his blues group in a Dallas bar, tapers are there, and generally with ace equipment to capture the night for posterity. So it was that an intrepid taper captured this set, days before

Bootleg Bin: Procol Harum — April 1969: Los Angeles and San Francisco CA

The most soulful of the so-called “progressive” groups, Procol Harum is best known for the mega-hit “A Whiter Shade of Pale.” Yet fans know that the group produced many songs that equaled (or arguably surpassed) the quality of that song. Most of the few live Procol Harum bootlegs are either of abysmal audio quality, or

Bootleg Bin: The Long Ryders – State of Our Union Outtakes

The Long Ryders were twenty years ahead of their time. With their defiantly countrified rock and roll, they embodied the alt-country ethos long before that term would be coined. At the peak of their powers, they released their 1985 LP The State of Our Union. That album’s populist political messages were in sharp contrast to

Bootleg Bin: Spooky Sings the Hits

Here’s a little gem that has been tucked away in my collection for more than two decades. About ten years ago or so, I was cleaning out some old files when I came across a long-forgotten cassette tape. I received it from my kid sister circa 1988; she got it from a friend who —

Bootleg Bin: Jazz Butcher – Bob & Anne’s Wedding Reception

Simply unbelievable. Pat Fish (aka the Jazz Butcher) and his partner in musical crime Max Eider were somehow convinced to play a September 19, 1997 wedding reception. They did so with aplomb (any dues-paying musician can testify that wedding reception crowds aren’t the most, um, “receptive”) and put on a superb show full of wit,

Bootleg Bin: The Rolling Stones – Record Mirror, Vols. 1 & 2

I recently interviewed Bill Wyman; that feature is coming soon. In my research for the piece, I’m reading Wyman’s autobiography/history Stone Alone. That got me thinking about this collection of unreleased material. — bk Arguably all the unreleased Rolling Stones you’d ever need. Nearly all studio material, spanning the era from the beginning through “It’s

Bootleg Bin: Teenage Fanclub – Live at the 13th Note w/Alex Chilton 04-08-93

Here’s a recipe for success. Take an American 70s cult icon, one notorious for erratic performances, and add a healthy dose of one Scottish revivalist pop band that mixes equal parts noise, distortion and ethereal harmonies. What do you get? Well, you could get a trainwreck. But in this case you get Alex Chilton, former

Bootleg Bin: Pink Floyd – Interstellar Zappadrive

Everyone’s heard Robin Williams’ joke: “If you remember the ‘60s, you weren’t there.” It would seem that — at least occasionally – the reverse is true: If you don’t remember it, you were there. Or something. Whenever asked, Frank Zappa denied that he and Pink Floyd ever shared a stage. The thought that these two

Bootleg Bin: Zero 7 – Debaser Club, Stockholm

Having recently reviewed a new Tina Dico set, I’ve been thinking about this group lately. Here’s a quick look at a live recording of note from Zero 7. The electronica subgenres of trip-hop and downbeat are often pegged as cold, distant. Any hint of an organic vibe is labeled artificial. The good licks are lifted