Preview: Music Movie Monday – The Stones and Brian Jones

The story of Rolling Stones founder and guitarist Brian Jones is explored in a new documentary, made with the close cooperation of Stones bassist Bill Wyman. A special November 13 one-night screening as part of the Music Movie Mondays series at Grail Movie House will be hosted by Asheville speaker, author and music journalist Bill Kopp.

The Rolling Stones are among the most important and influential groups in popular music. Their long run of hits began in the mid sixties, and they’re still going strong in 2023 – led by two founding members, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. But it’s often forgotten that while Mick and Keith write the songs, it was another member – guitarist Brian Jones – who put the group together and was its original leader. Jones died tragically in 1969, weeks after being dismissed from the group he founded. Today his important contributions to the Rolling Stones are too often overlooked.

A new documentary film aims to set the record straight. Directed by Nick Broomfield, The Stones and Brian Jones takes a look at the life, music and death of the Rolling Stones founded. Drawing from private archives and firsthand recollections from family, colleagues, former girlfriends and (most significantly) former Stones bassist Bill Wyman, the film places Jones’ accomplishments withing the proper context. While Brian Jones didn’t write songs, his artistry – most notably his uncanny ability to make music with most any instrument – was a key to the group’s sound, character and development.

The Stones and Brian Jones doesn’t whitewash or hide from uncomfortable truths. The film addresses Jones’ fathering of at least five children by five women, his erratic behavior and abuse of drugs and alcohol. But those realities shouldn’t negate Jones’ importance as a musical force. And the documentary successfully weaves the various parts of Jones’ tragic life – including his fraught relationship with his parents – into a compelling if heartbreaking tale. Filled with insightful commentary from those who knew him best, and packed with rarely seen visuals, The Stones and Brian Jones highlights an important and too-seldom explored part of what helped earn the Rolling Stones the sobriquet “The World’s Greatest Rock and Roll Band.”

As part of the Music Movie Mondays series, Grail Moviehouse in Asheville hosts a special one-night-only showing of the film. Presented by Asheville-based speaker, author and music journalist Bill Kopp, the evening will include a screening of the film followed by an interactive discussion.

“Going to the movies has always been a kind of communal experience,” says Kopp, host of Music Movie Mondays. “Especially in this post-lockdown era, the opportunity to not only watch a film but then to discuss it with others is something even more special. And music-related films lend themselves remarkably well to this shared, interactive experience.”

Music Movie Mondays is a monthly series moderated by Bill Kopp, hosted by Grail Movie House and sponsored by AshevilleFM. Music Movie Mondays presents a special screening of The Stones and Brian Jones on Monday, Nov. 13 @ 7 pm. The program will feature a brief introduction. Then we’ll watch the film together; afterward, we’ll engage in a moderated discussion.

The one-night-only screening of The Stones and Brian Jones is the latest in the ongoing popular series of Music Movie Mondays at Grail Moviehouse. Every month, we’ll watch and discuss new releases, classics and cult favorites.

WHAT: Music Movie Mondays Series: The Stones and Brian Jones
Special screening + moderated discussion hosted by Bill Kopp
WHERE: Grail Moviehouse, 17 Foundy Street, Asheville
WHEN: Monday, Nov. 13 @ 7 p.m. / Tickets are $15 and likely to sell out!