Music to Your Ears: Jody Carroll

Delta blues is one of the richest and fascinating strains of American music. From the muddy Mississippi Delta comes this primarily acoustic, deeply soulful and historically significant style. Charley Patton, Robert Johnson and Big Joe Williams were important figures in the music; more than a century old, Delta blues remains vital thanks to current-day practitioners like Jody Carroll. (

Carroll combines his interpretations of Delta blues classics with his original material, stories and an engaging presentation that showcases his fingerstyle guitar work. His music draws from other genres – rock, jazz, country and more – creating something unique in the process. Carroll is a traveling musician, though for a time he set aside his itinerant ways and was based in Asheville. During that time he was a regular and beloved fixture at Asheville Guitar Bar. He has since returned to the road, but Carroll is making a special and long-awaited return for a performance at Asheville Guitar Bar on Thursday, May 4.

And this month’s Music to Your Ears is a special entry: it provides an additional opportunity to see, hear and meet Jody Carroll. On Wednesday, May 3 – the evening before his concert – MTYE host Bill Kopp (hey; that’s me!) welcomes Jody Carroll for an evening of conversation and music. We’ll explore Carroll’s musical roots and inspirations, learn about his creative process, and enjoy some up-close-and-personal music. As always, Music to Your Ears is a discussion, and the active participation of attendees is what makes the evening an experience far beyond a talk or a mere concert.

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