Interview Roundup: Matthew Sweet

While I tend to some pressing matters (good stuff), I’m taking an opportunity to cast an eye back over the nearly 4500 blog entries here on Musoscribe. For the next several days, I’ll post brief entries that provide links to previously-published works – essays, reviews but mostly interviews – that are related to one another in some way.

First up: Matthew Sweet.

I spoke with Matthew Sweet twice in 2017. The first was something of a career overview, and the second focused on his then-current release, Tomorrow Forever.

I was fortunate to see Sweet live onstage in 2018; here’s a review.

In 2021 I interviewed Sweet for Goldmine Magazine, asking him to talk about ten albums that influenced him to a great degree. Some of the entries you could’ve guessed; others are delightfully left-field. Hopefully they’ll provide opportunities for you to explore further.

In 2016 Sweet and I had a quick chat that formed the basis of this feature.

Way back in 2009 I reviewed the second in Sweet’s “Sid and Susie” collaborations with Susanna Hoffs.