Musoscribe’s Best of 2021: New Releases

Picking my favorite new releases for 2021 has been exceedingly difficult. I have no way of knowing to what degree (if any) the infernal and tragic pandemic had the silver-lining effect of inspiring so many of these artists to create superb works, but whatever the reason, I stumbled across a bounty of great new music this year.

My first-draft “short” list had 20 titles on it; I’ve whittled that down to a mere ten, but it’s worth emphasizing that the others are nearly as great (and as my mood might strike me on some given random day, as good or better). Nevertheless, without further ado, in no particular order, my ten favorite new releases of 2021 (with links to further reading) are below.

…and the hands-down winner as my Favorite Release of 2021: The Orange Peels — Celebrate the Moments of Your Life

Highly honorable mentions go to these as well: