Progress Report #5: Disturbing the Peace in Fall ’21

The book is complete and off to the publisher!

In the end, my research for Disturbing the Peace: 415 Records and the Rise of New Wave encompassed 96 interviews (plus untold email exchanges), and the final manuscript clocks in at 55 chapters, plus a foreword (more news on the latter soon). Not counting the six interviews conducted for the original SF Weekly story in November 2020, work on the book began in mid-January. The bulk of interviewing was completed by the end of March, and writing began in mid-April. I finished writing – and running the manuscript through four read-throughs/edits – on June 28.

Target date for publishing is October. I’ll certainly provide more details on that as they become available. In the meantime I’ll begin gearing up the promotional apparatus. That will include book excerpts, interesting material that didn’t find its way into the finished book, and relevant images. Events, interviews and the like are (I hope) going to be part of the mix, and I’ll get the word out about those as things develop. I’ll probably launch a website companion to the book as well.

This has been one of the most enjoyable and creatively fulfilling projects I’ve ever experienced, and it’s really only just beginning. The story of 415 Records is a fascinating one, and – not to give away anything earth-shattering – it’s something of a cautionary tale. Readers who know something of the history of the label and/or its artists are sure to learn some new things, discover some heretofore unknown connections between people, places and events. Those new to the subject will encounter many fascinating, lively characters (as well as a few villains). And – it’s my fervent wish – they’ll also be spurred onward to check out or revisit some great music.

More soon!

Who are these guys? L-R: Chris Knab, Howie Klein, Butch Bridges.
Why are they in this photo? Read the book and find out.