30 Days Out, February 2021 #2: Skipping This One, Too


Things overall continue to move in an ever-so-slightly more optimistic direction, but that doesn’t translate into a large number of live music opportunities in and around Asheville in the coming 30 days. With March average highs around 59°F, lows around 38°F and rain in the forecast an average of one in three days, outdoor shows aren’t a good bet. And I consider it malpractice to encourage concertgoers to congregate indoors (that said, you do you, of course).

A number of our beloved music venues have taken a break during this quiet season, with plans to reopen “in the spring.” That said, select venues are indeed open for responsibly-organized, socially-distanced shows and/or live stream performances. While offering are limited, they’re out there. Check the listings for some of those at these links:

And hey … we’ll try again in March. Hope springs eternal, right?