Album Review: DDLO – Sueños de Luna y Mar

The title of this EP from DDLO translates as “Dreams of Moon and Sea,” and there’s an evocative, windswept feel to the collection’s four tracks. Subtle, gurgling synthesizers give a modern feel to the more traditional Latin flavors of “El Mundo Fosforescente” (“The Phosphorescent World”), and a wonderfully distorted lead guitar figure carries the song to its conclusion. The Cuban textures of “El Día que Llegó el Payaso” (“The Day the Clown Arrived”) are delightfully hypnotic, and the tune’s more acoustic leanings deliver the complex, layered melodies in subtle yet effective fashion.

I don’t know enough Spanish to follow what’s happening in the call-and-response vocals when they shout “¡Payaso! (“clown”), but everyone involved seems to be having fun. You will too. The spooky electric guitar figure that opens “El Pulpo y la Luna” (“The Octopus and the Moon”) suggests an effective combination of Latin musical textures with space-rock a la Pink Floyd. The bass clarinet that shows up mid song is unexpected yet welcome. And the slide guitar that follows is mesmerizing.

“Nostalgia Majestuoso” (“Majestic Nostalgia”) closes the EP with some shimmering classical acoustic guitar and faraway wooden flute. I have only one criticism of Sueños de Luna y Mar: its brevity. This stuff is a delight. More, please.