#TunesForTarrah: A Benefit for Tarrah Segal


It’s a rare day on which I write more than a single blog post for the Musoscribe blog. But this issue is important enough that I’m happy to make an exception. I wish I could say that the circumstances were happy.

A mere three months ago, Tarrah Segal – wife of renowned music journalist Mark Kemp (Option, Rolling Stone, Acoustic Guitar, etc. … you get the idea) was diagnosed with Stage IV cervical cancer. As you would guess, the medical bills associate with her treatment are simply astronomical. Mark and Tarrah’s friends have set up a GoFundMe campaign to help defray at least some of those costs, and Mark’s musician friends – like most musicians, characteristically a population that remains perennially short on cash themselves – have come together to help in their own way.

What they’ve come up with is a benefit concert they’re calling #TunesForTarrah. These days Tarrah lives in Charlotte NC, and that’s the locale for the event, scheduled for 3pm this Sunday, July 24 at Evening Muse. Artists include a friend of mine, Nathan Bell, along with artists representing a wonderfully wide array of styles from Americana to jazz/hip-hop and more.

But hey: it’ not really about the music; if you are in or near Charlotte this weekend, go out and support the people trying to help Tarrah as she faces the nearly (but in her case not quite) insurmountable challenges of disease and financial peril. And if you can’t make the show, contribute to the GoFundMe campaign.

More details here.