Album Mini-review: Holly Golightly — Slowtown Now!

File Next to: Chris Isaak, Lucinda Williams

A recording artist with an extensive back catalog, Golightly and her backing musicians showcase their stylistic breadth on this oddly-titled album. Electric guitars sit comfortably beside upright bass in these sparely arranged but fascinating tunes. Golightly sings all self-penned material here, save a smoking, fuzz-guitar-ified cover of Rudy Clark‘s “Fool, Fool, Fool.” Imagine a female Chris Isaak crossed with early sixties girl group (less the wall of sound) and you’ll have a vague idea of Golightly’s métier. Her arrangement and production choices all serve to highlight the strength of Golightly’s songwriting; the unflattering cover art, however, does not serve Golightly well and detracts from the package. Still, the singer proves once again her mastery of styles: garage rock, rockabilly, cocktail jazz and more. Listeners would be hard-pressed to come up with a genre label that applies to all these tunes, so why bother? Just dig ’em.

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