Six Years of Musoscribe: Frank Zappa

Another musical figure whose work I discovered during my college years is Frank Zappa. I was fortunate enough to see him in concert not once but twice; the first was in 1981 on the You Are What You Is tour. Sadly, I never got the opportunity to interview the man, but I have interviewed a number of notable musicians who were within his orbit.

Though I didn’t know him personally at the time, fourteen years ago my friend André Cholmondely headed a Zappa tribute band called Project/Object. The band often features members of Zappa’s groups. Here’s my interview with André Cholmondeley and Ike Willis.

Howard Kaylan
In the post-Turtles years, Kaylan and Mark Volman (aka Flo and Eddie) fronted Zappa’s band. I’ve interviewed Kaylan twice; the second interview focused on his autobiography, Shell Shocked, a story full of Zappa-related content. Here’s my second interview with Howard Kaylan.

The Grandmothers is a sort-of Zappa tribute group peopled by musicians who’ve worked with him. My interview with Don Preston and my conversation with Napoleon Murphy Brock shed some light on their group.

I’ve also written about and/or reviewed other Zappa-related releases:

My look back into the archives on the occasion of the blog’s six-year anniversary will continue.

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