Neither Bang Nor Whimper

Well, this pretty well wraps up my blogging content for 2013. Hopefully, those interested checked out last week’s series of Best Of lists. I also had a number of bylines elsewhere last week: pieces in print and online at other music-related outlets. As the embargoes for those expire, they’ll show up here.

I also inked a deal to turn in a twice-monthly (first and third Saturdays, looks like) blog for Asheville NC’s altweekly, Mountain Xpress. The column, titled 30 Days Out, will preview upcoming live shows in and around Asheville, with an emphasis on (a) stuff you might otherwise miss and (b) stuff I myself dig.

February will see the release of Brotherhood: The Complete Recordings, a collection of late 60s music for which I penned the extensive liner notes and created the package design. But what I’m most excited about with regard to that is the music itself, largely unheard until now. I’ll have a Q&A with Brotherhood founder Phil “Fang” Volk coming in January.

Speaking of features/interviews, also keep an eye out for pieces I’ve already announced but as of yet haven’t delivered (Fitz & the Tantrums show review, interview with CCR‘s Doug “Cosmo” Clifford, conversation with Hawkwind‘s Nik Turner) and newer pieces I’m mentioning right here and now for the first time (The Machine‘s Tahrah Cohen, Ian McLagan of the Small Faces, new-ish indie band Yuck, and a Black Angels concert tour featuring the legendary Roky Erickson).

(And speaking of Erickson, here’s a piece on the 2007 documentary on the man.)

I also have more than a dozen classic jazz reissue CDs to cover, an even larger stash of bubbling-under indie band releases that are worth a listen, a foot-high stack of music related DVDs to review, and so, so much more. And with any luck, I’ll be covering at least three – quite possibly more – music festivals in the coming year.

So thanks as always for reading. If you find value in what I write, please encourage your friends to check out this blog and the associated pre-blog material archive. 2014 looks to be another fascinating year. musically speaking.

Happy New Year.

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