Feature Preview: Cody ChesnuTT

Last week I enjoyed the rare pleasure of seeing Cody ChesnuTT in concert, at Asheville’s Grey Eagle. A few weeks ago, when the opportunity to interview him in advance of the Asheville date presented itself, I found myself unable to do the interview, owing to a schedule conflict. Luckily, my daughter Annelise (also a writer and occasional contributor to the blog, plus a fan of the man’s work) ably took the reins and conducted the interview herself. Her feature will run here soon.

So as not to step on Annelise’s work, I won’t post my thoughts on the show…beyond noting that it was amazing. What I will do, however, is share some photos from the evening. All photos by me and/or Audrey Hermon. Watch for the feature, coming soon to the Musoscribe blogzine.


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