Coming Attractions

The good news is: there’s quite a lot in the hopper over here at Musoscribe World Headquarters. The sorta-bad news is that as a result, I don’t have a review to post today. But I would like to take a moment to thank all of my loyal readers – viewership of this blog is waaaaay up of late – and give a quick preview of what’s coming soon:

  • John McLaughlin – famed jazz/rock/progressive/fusion guitarist has a new album (Now Here This), as new tour (coming to Asheville’s Orange Peel in June) and – best of all for me – a conversation with me less than two hours from now. Look for a feature/interview very soon.
  • Rudi Protrudi – The leader of legendary garage rock revivalists The Fuzztones recently put together an odds-and-sods 2cd collection of rarities called Snake Oil. I recently spoke at length with Rudi about this and all sorts of other things. Feature/interview soon.
  • Stick Men – Three giants of progressive rock: bassist/stick man Tony Levin (also of King Crimson and thousands of session dates), Pat Mastelotto (also of Crim, Mr. Mister and countless prog projects) and touch guitarist Markus Reuter have a new album, Deep. I’m talking to all three of ’em(!) and will have a feature soon.
  • Bill Spooner – The guitarist of The Tubes for all of their classic era releases (the beginning through the mid 80s) took time with me to do a track-by-track discussion of two of their 70s LP, Now and Young and Rich). Look for that fascinating discussion here soon.
  • Opeth – I saw the Swedish death/prog quintet onstage last week, and my feature/review – including an interview with drummer Martin Axenrot – will be out very soon.
  • Howard Kaylan – The witty and engaging Kaylan (also known as “Eddie,” as in Flo and Eddie) came to fame as lead singer of The Turtles, then with Flo/The Phlorescent Leech/Mark Volman, and with Frank Zappa’s Mothers. His new autobiography Shell Shocked is a riveting and hilarious must-read. I’ll be chatting with him about it soon, and that feature will be here soon too.
  • Other stuff – There are dozens of CDs, DVDs, records and books on my desk, all in the “yes” pile (you should see the “no” pile). So, lots of reviews to come.
  • And even more other stuff – I hope to make a big announcement soon.

Again, thanks for reading, and please tell your friends if you like what you find here.

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