Old (But Previously Unreleased) Jazz, New Vinyl

Recently, I devoted an entire week’s worth of coverage to vinyl releases. But as it turns out, a clutch of recent jazz releases on the new-but-already-venerable Jazzhaus label are also available on vinyl. The full review of two of these new albums of music from Zoot Sims, Dizzy Gillespie and my personal favorite Cannonball Adderley (the last isn’t covered) is here, but their vinyl counterparts deserve mention.

Housed in study, creatively-designed two-color sleeves, these three albums are of superb quality. Pressed onto 180-gram vinyl, the albums also include mp3 download cards. The sound on the discs is just what you’d expect: warm, crystalline-clear. Even though these master recordings are old (1958, 1961, 1969) the care applied to the SWR archives means that the recordings are fresh and bright.

It’s true that each of the vinyl albums hold less music than the CD counterparts; the physical limitations of vinyl don’t permit the squeezing to too much more music into the grooves (volume loss is the first caualty when this is done). But the choices of what to leave in / what to leave out are good ones.

Anyone who appreciates jazz from its classic era should pick up these albums (especially the Adderley one, with Joe Zawinul on electric piano). And if you own a turntable, the warmth of these recordings will come through nicely on the vinyl versions.

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