Coming Attractions: Musoscribe at Ignite Asheville

Way back in 1968, Andy Warhol notably remarked that, “in the future, everyone will be…famous for fifteen minutes.” Well, in light of the Great Recession, the allotment has been trimmed to five minutes. My own five will be on Tuesday, February 21, when I give a talk at Ignite Asheville. Here’s the official description of my presentation:

How to describe the creative process in music? Songwriters well-known and relatively obscure are sometimes equally eloquent on the subject. Drawing from his personal archive of one-on-one interviews with musicians in the rock idiom, music journalist Bill Kopp presents some of the most fascinating and thought-provoking quotes on songwriting.

And the potted bio:

Depending on one’s interest, one is either amazed and entertained or bored to tears with Bill Kopp’s encyclopedic knowledge of the popular music of the last fifty years. In addition to his freelance work (Shindig!, Trouser Press, etc.) Bill has published a review, interview, feature or essay every business day on his blog for the last 2 ½ years.

I invite you to check it out; there will be about 10-15 presenters in all. Details on the event here.