Two Years of Musoscribe: Paul Revere & the Raiders

To celebrate the two-year anniversary of this blog, I’m taking the opportunity to look back over some of the more than five hundred blog entries I’ve posted. I’ve conducted interviews, written essays and reviewed new albums, reissues and DVDs.

I love Paul Revere & the Raiders; at its best, their music is emblematic of the zeitgeist of the mid 1960s. I’ve written a lot about them and related topics, and more – my biggest project to date, in fact — is in the works.

  • The Complete Columbia Singles collected (onto three CDs) all of the a- and b-sides the group recorded for Columbia.
  • In 2010 I wrote an expansive cover story for Shindig! Magazine about the Raiders.
  • I actually drove all the way to Branson MO to meet Paul Revere. Here’s that story.
  • Phil Volk was the bassist for the Raiders during their most popular period. Here’s what he’s up to in 2011.
  • After Phil left the Raiders, he formed Brotherhood with ex-bandmates Drake Levin and Mike “Smitty” Smith. I’ve written a major feature on that band; it will be in print later in 2011 in Ugly Things Magazine. The story behind the story is pretty interesting in and of itself.

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