One-word Review: Amazing.

I just laid hands and eyes on the new Creedence Clearwater Revival box set of 45rpm singles. The set is lovingly packaged — its presentation rivals the now-rare Rhino compilation Beg, Scream and Shout CD set from the 90s — and of course the music (reviewed here) is, well, Creedence singles, which can’t be beat.

Serious kudos to Concord/Fantasy for catering to hardcore vinyl addicts (and just plain ol’ collectors, as this set is quite likely to become a real collector’s item). The included 40-page booklet is more than simply a larger-type version of the one packed with the CD+DVD version of this set; more and cooler photos are lavishy splashed all over its pages. No, the DVD isn’t included in this 45rpm set, but you’ll live.

CCR’s The Singles Collection tops my 2009 holiday gift-giving list; it’s the absolutely perfect gift for anyone you know who owns and uses a turntable.

Just, wow.