New Porcupine Tree Video from Upcoming Album

Porcupine Tree posted a new video from their forthcoming album The Incident today. On first impression, the visuals evoked a strong sense of what I guess I’d call Englishness, and the sepia tones and occasional barbed wire in the Lasse Hoile-directed video brought to mind Storm Thorgerson‘s visuals for Pink Floyd‘s 1977 Animals LP.

So then I read the comments on the page, and several people think the song (“Time Flies”) sounds like “Sheep”, from, you guessed it, Animals. You decide.

Good either way, though it didn’t grab me by the lapels the way that did tracks like “Even Less” or “Arriving Somewhere (But Never Here)”. It’s probably a grower. But my anticipation for The Incident (out September 14) dims not one bit.