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Album Review: Sun Ra – At the Showcase: Live in Chicago 1977-1978

Zev Feldman has applied his “jazz detective” approach to a dizzying array of artists, unearthing previously unheard recordings by landmark artists ranging from Bill Evans to Mel Lewis to Les […]

Quick Reviews, March 2024: Archival Jazz Releases

One of the many rewarding consequences of being a music journalist/critic is that I’m often among the first to hear about archival releases. Artists who have already created an extensive […]

Hundred Word Reviews, May 2023: Vinyl!

Me, I dig vinyl. I’m happy to sidestep arguments concerning sound quality versus their digital counterparts; while CDs and even streaming have their place, I prefer the tactile, participatory experience […]

Album Review: Walter Bishop Jr. – Bish at the Bank

Baltimore, Maryland had a thriving and lively jazz scene in the mid-to late 1960s and well into the early ‘70s. Proof positive was the success of the Famous Ballroom, a […]

Album Review: Shirley Scott – Queen Talk

One of the fascinating and often defining characteristics of jazz is the manner in which artists draw upon the work of others, bending it to their own purposes. The recasting […]

Album Review: Sonny Stitt – Boppin’ in Baltimore

Zev Feldman and Cory Weeds truly are jazz detectives. Together or on their own, these two men are responsible for bringing treasure troves of previously unheard jazz recordings to the […]

Album Review: Bill Evans – Morning Glory

A week’s worth of coverage of new vinyl releases kicks off with a vintage recording. Bill Evans earned fame for his work with Miles Davis, and went on to an […]

Album Review: Bill Evans — Live at Ronnie Scott’s

Perhaps the most celebrated lineup of the Bill Evans Trio is the one featuring bassist Scott LaFaro and drummer Paul Motian. Sadly, and because of LaFaro’s death in an auto […]

Album Review: Sonny Rollins – Rollins in Holland

There are people out there doing important archival work. Dedicated music lovers like Zev Feldman connect with archivists, collectors, fans and like-minded individuals across the globe, seeking to unearth previously-unheard […]

Cannonball Adderley’s “Swingin’ in Seattle”

Released today by Reel to Real Records, Swinging’ in Seattle: Live at the Penthouse 1966-1967 represents the first release in a long while of previously-unheard (and previously un-bootlegged) Adderley recordings. […]